Foibles and Follies

Record of Zacharias Frotermann

May Iomede see these words and judge them worthy.
I have been in this city of Korvosa for a week now. My attempt to gather my bearings has been partially successful. Upon my arrival in this city I was disturbed to find that members of Her clergy had been the targets of charges of corruption. My job being what it is I quickly found myself being treated with cool distance by the local members of the clergy. They don’t realize this just spurs me onward with a greater fervor. I shall see what lies ahead of me and just how true these stories of corruption within the church are within the next few days. For now my eyes grow heavy and the wick of the candle burns low.

Journal Entry #01

I have just arrived in Korvosa. Today I will rest, but tomorrow I start the search for my friend Geoff. I met him a long time ago and it’s been quiet a while since I’ve heard anything from him. I know he was trying to get off of shiver, for what ever that’s worth. I will investigate the possible leads to find what has happened to my friend. I’ve never been to this place, but already I feel I will have little problem talking to the populace. I hope all is well.

Jon's Journals #1

Joachim reminded me of the job he fronted for, I’m sposed to round up a silver signet ring with some gems in it, i think a sapphire and onyx somewhere on the ring, sounds pricey. Last night was the last time I stop into the Rutting Stoat for awhile, Strauss has been bugging me every time I stop in for a few pints. Still I owe it to him to get this damn job done quick, he hasn’t let up the work for me in awhile. I’m still surprised he fronted me that much gold, let me pay off my apartment and for the maid that usually comes into to uh… “clean” for me.

So let me think.. he’s offerin 20g for the ring and 5 for this guy’s death, no problem, I don’t know much about this fellow but I think I can learn some about ‘im before I go hunting.. 25 big ones is no small sum, I could probably start saving for that heavier armor I’ve been needing, bloody cut-throats almost tore out my kidneys back in my leather days..

-Jon Finder


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