Zelaras Harrow Deck

A well worn harrow deck


Haunted by the ghost of Zelara. She can still call upon some of her powers to aid the pc’s, as well as perform harrow readings for the entire adventuring group from time to time when she deems it appropriate.

Major Image 1/day
Identify 3/day


Hand-painted images decorate this Harrow deck, the frames gilt in silver so that under lighting they sparkle and flash. Despite the worn condition of the card backs, the images on the faces are so vibrant they seem to move when viewed out of the corner of the eye. The deck itself handles with surprising ease, almost shuffling itself. A bent, torn, or lost card always seems to mend itself or reappear when no one is looking.

Currently in Jon Finder’s Possession

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Zelaras Harrow Deck

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