Foibles and Follies

The Rise of a New Hero?

After chasing down Trinia Sabor and bringing her back to Citadel Volshyenek they were approached by Cressida Kroft about an urgent mission. Due to old hatreds between the roving clans outside Korvosa and the Korvosians, when a young and upcoming member of the tribal society gets killed and his body is sold to a local necromancer by the name of Rolth they are ready to go to war over it. Since Korvosa is currently weak this would be devestating, so the adventurers are enlisted to help. Timber, Zacharias, and Kell head to the Dead Warrens to find the missing body, adventuring in to some semi-hidden catacombs. As they delved deeper in to the tunnels they encountered numerous Derro, some undead abominations, a horribly deformed ogrekin, and finally another renegade wizard that seemed to be apprenticing to Rolth. On top of this they freed a few prisoners that were most likely soon to be experiments, and succeeded in thoroughly wrecking the lab, disrupting any operations that could take place there for some time. As they returned to the Citadel with the now dismembered corpse of the tribal warrior in tow they were quickly relieved of it and dragged to Castle Korvosa to see the public execution of Trinia Sabor. After hearing Queen Ileosa give a speech rallying Korvosans to her side and ordering the execution, it is stopped in the nick of time by Blackjack, a Korvosan hero and legend, who publicly denounces the queen. The executioner tried to follow through with his mission, and is interupted by Kells thrown rock, and more importantly Zacharias’s crossbow quarrel to the throat, dropping him. Blackjack gives a gracious nod and quickly makes his escape from the growing chaos, as the adventurers are swiftly led out by Cressida and her personal guard to ensure their safety. While it seems that the city has stabilized for now, things still look bleak for Korvosa. What will the adventurers do now?

CR4 Catching Trinia – 300xp

(Everyone But Sean)
CR5 6 Skeletons & Owlbear Skeleton – 800
CR 6 4 Derro – 800
CR 4 Otyugh – 400
CR 6 Derro and 6 Stirges – 800
CR 6 Lesser Necrophidius – 800
CR 4 Carrion Golem – 400
CR 3 Cabbagehead – 265
CR 6 Vreeg Derro Necromancer – 800

Alec – 10690
Matt – 10460
Carlin – 8900
Sean – 4625



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