Foibles and Follies

The Adventure Begins

Adventurers meet, and doors get broken in

Three of the four players, Zacharius, Donnivan, and Jon, met up this session, after receiving harrow cards with warnings on the back. They gathered at a small fortune telling shop owned by Zelara. She requested their hep with the retrieval of her heirloom Harrow Deck from a group of children pickpockets and their older taskmasters. After a little debate the three agreed to help her out and retired to The Rutting Stoat. After discussing how they should go about dealing with the band of thieves, they settled on kicking in the door the old fashioned way. When they arrived at The Old Fishery they proceeded to break down the front door and methodically move from room to room butchering the taskmasters and setting the children free. They then made their way down on to a small walkway below the building and in to the lair of the boss of the whole operation, and the man who stole Zelaras Harrow Deck, Gaedren Lamm. After Zacharius gave him a chance to surrender and turn himself in to the gaurds, Gaedren put up a very brief fight before falling. They found in his lair a bunch of valuable treasures, as well as Zelaras head in a hat box with her harrow deck near it, and a very valuable brooch belonging to Queen Ileosa. Our adventurers then made their way back up to the entrance, scouring the place for more treasure and enemies along the way and have reached the entrance back out to the street.

Gaedrenn – 600xp
Giggles – 600xp
Hookshanks Gruller – 600xp
Yargin Balko and Bloo – 535xp
For introductory in character logs – 50xp

Experience totals for Players

Alec – 795
Matt – 795
Sean – 795
Carlin – 0



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