Foibles and Follies

Riots, Queens and a Butchered Pig

As the adventurers started to leave The Old Fishery they ran in to a scholarly looking half-orc named Kell, the last member of their group, also holding one of the harrow cards. After inviting her to join their group, or at least accompany them so she’d have an escort they walked out in to the streets where signs of riots were steadily growing. They made their way first to Zelara‘s and then to The Flowering Blossom, a more high class inn. After staying there for the night they headed off to Castle Korvosa. After meeting with Queen Ileosa, and her bodygaurd Sabina Merrin they found themselves seconded to the guards and escorted to the nearby Citadel Volshyenek to meet with Field Marshal Cressida Kroft. There they were asked to bring in a wayward sergeant, Verik Vancaskerkin so that he can be interrogated as to why he deserted and took men with him, and then tried for his crimes. After stopping off at the Flowering Blossom to inquire about an apartment of their own, and then visiting Three Rings Tavern owned by Theandra Darklight to drop off some excess baggage, they headed towards Veriks base of operations, an old butchers shop called All the Worlds Meat. Once there they intimidated their way in to a meeting with Verik himself, during which one of his lackeys broke down and confessed to the four of them working as thugs for hire and cutting up the bodies to give away to the poor when they ran out of other meat. Angered, Verik rounded up the rest of the gaurds and had the adventurers march the four of them back to the Citadel to be put in to jail. Upon arriving Cressida was shocked by their efficiency and immediatly offered them another job and escorted them back to her office where they met Vencarlo Orisini, Kell’s adoptive father and began to discus what the job entailed.


Rioters – 400xp (Carlin, Alec, Sean)
Baldrago and Malder, Renegade guards – 400xp
Karralo and Parns, Renegade guards – 400xp
Verik Vancaskerkin, Renegade guard sergeant – 800xp
Bringing in Baldrago, Karralo, Parns, and Verik alive – 800xp
In Character log (Alec) – 100xp

Experience totals for Players

Alec – 1625
Matt – 1395
Sean – 1525
Carlin – 735



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