Foibles and Follies

Return to Eel's End

After Timber and Zacharias met up with their other compatriots and got some oh so important shopping done, they headed back down to Eel’s End. After stopping briefly to converse with the guards on the ships deck, timber proceeds to throw one of them overboard and they get in to a fight which has the additional effect of stampeding the rest of the patrons of Eel’s End off of the pier. After venturing below decks they come face to face with Devargo Barvasi once again. During the rather hectic fight that follows Timber gets dropped in to a lower level by a trap door, and has to fight Chittersnap, as well as his spider pets. Although Timber suffers a near death experience quick thinking on the part of Zacharias saves him and puts an end to the spiders below decks. While in Devargo’s throne room, in an interesting turn of events the Pseudodragon Majenko gets his revenge on his torturer, putting him to sleep so that the adventurers can easily finish him off. After reporting back to Citadel Volshyenek to report to Cressida Kroft on Devargo’s death they are told that the city seems to be returning to normalcy and they are that the gaurd has no need for their services for a short while. A week and a half later though things have changed drasticly for the worse. A rumor has begun floating around about who murdered the late king, leaked from Queen Ileosa herself. And a manhunt, that is steadily approaching riot proportions, has begun in search of Trinia Sabor, the former portraitist of the king. Cressida asks the adventurers to go in to the center of the building riot and bring her out of there and to the guards so she can be put in to protective custody and they can find out the truth of the matter. Agreeing, the adventurers head to the middle of the Midland District, and on to the rooftops. Unfortunatly she heard the adventurers coming and started sneaking out of the window and across the roof tops, getting a fair distance away before the adventurers gave chase. Will they catch her or not? We’ll find out next time.


Defeating 6 Gaurds on deck of ship – 600xp
Defeating Chittersnap, Ogre Spider, and 4 Dream Spiders – 600xp
Defeating Devargo, 3 flunkies, and 2 gaurds – 1600xp
Adventure Logs (Alec and Matt) – 100xp

Experience totals for Players

Alec – 5325
Matt – 5095
Sean – 4325
Carlin – 3535



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