Foibles and Follies

Journal; Zacharias

Earlier today we had a battle with that sociopathic smuggler who kept a psuedodragon caged up so it could “bleed pretty” for him. Sometimes I wonder if I am doing the right and just thing by working with the city government here but at least today (and without the backing of the guard) I know I fulfilled Iomede’s will. It is nice and cleansing on the soul to have finally had a clear cut case of right and wrong. Sadly with my work all too often I seem to be surrounded by greys and it is my duty to sift through them. I am not a paladin to cut through it all with a swift sword and be utterly convinced of my righteousness. Alas the path of an Inquisitor involves much more questioning and seeking. While I know no Paladin that would agree with me I sometimes belive that is a harder test of one’s faith than facing an army of evil creatures.

Thankfully I was there today because Timber would have died if I had not gone jumping into the pit after him (I don’t know what convinced me to do that I suppose the will of the Lady). I like to think that is the case because it means She has bigger plans for Timber who seems to be trapped spiritually and have no real direction besides the ever fickle plans of finances. All I can do is pray for guidance I suppose. As for my other two companions I have barley spoken with them and not been approached by either so we shall see if they warm up in time. For now I am weary and I think Timber is yelling downstairs about how he single-handed slaughtered a pit of giant spiders, I think I shall go keep him honest for the night and let him start the tall tales on the morrow.



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