Foibles and Follies

Jon's Journal #2

Talk about a small job turning in some profit, judging by my records I have made about.. 1800 gold more than last month. I could buy a small house, indenture a “normal” farmstead, get a nice apartment in the upscale bit of town…….Or I commission a mastersmith to forge some agile-halfplate, with a matching steel towershield and matching masterwork longsword/Earthbreaker. Basically If I find a good smith, I can look like a warrior who can accomplish enough to match his equipment, sounds silly on paper but it means a lot when looking for work. Who do you trust with your gold, the guy with shoddy equipment, or matching armor and weapons all of which, are incredible quality?

Anyway as Zach and Don and me were leaving the fishery we met a half-orc who was wearing rather nice clothing, she was probably the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen but I wouldn’t let her features overwhelm my courtesy I felt like I had seen her before, I later realized she was the daughter of the Famous Fighting school owned by the Orisini’s. Her name was Kell and it seemed she had a similar harrow card, I asked if she would like to accompany us, for her safety, and we then briefly chatted about the city and circumstance. Her hesitant nature leads me to believe she is hiding something, or just really quiet. After walking awhile I noticed that a lot of the city was in turmoil, it seemed the king had died and all hell broke loose. I split off from the group to head to the rutting stoat and met up with them later at this upscale inn. Don’t know the name, don’t care, the guards looked serious though. Zach Don and I went in the back to split the details of our reward up. Good stuff.

We then met with Queen Ill-ee-o-sawh and gave her the brooch back, she was rude. Her Captain of the Guard escorted us to Volshyenek to meet with the famous Field Marshal, I’ve heard a bit about her, but only in passing, mostly rumors spilling forth from wine addled tavern-goers. We headed towards a wayward sergeants dwelling (to be honest I was too deep in wine to even remember what had happened, just politely stumbled forward) Seems that Zach convinced all of them to give up their ways or whatever, we stumbled, well I stumbled, em back to the citadel and we got another job because we were so damn good!



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