Foibles and Follies

First visit to Eel's End

After getting information from Vencarlo Orisini, Timber and Zacharius were led to Eel’s End, a very disreputable dive run and policed by Devargo Barvasi. They were asked to meet with Devargo and acquire any evidence that would give them control over an uppity diplomat from Cheliax named Darvayne Gios Amprei. They spent a few hours trying to enter the building in disguises, and through persuasion before bribing their way in. Once in, they were led to Devargo’s “Throne Room” and were asked to participate in some entertainment for him. After a few rounds of Knivsies and a healthy bribe to Devargo himself, they were given a pair of letters that Devargo had been using to blackmail the ambassador, and ushered out. Upon returning to the Citadel with the letters they were paid a small bonus, and told that their time was their own for now.


Acquiring Blackmail for the ambassador – 800xp
Defeating 3 flunkies in games of knivsies – 800xp

Experience totals for Players

Alec – 2425
Matt – 2195
Sean – 1525
Carlin – 735



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