Foibles and Follies

Deep thoughts with Jon Finder

Today, I have become a monster slayer. Defender of the weak and protector of the realm. The cold and rather blunt Zaccharias assisted me by getting me out of this… spider pit FILLED with creatures and even an “utter-crap”, probably named because the humanish spider-beast smelled like it’s name. I fell into this pit while we were fighting Devargo, he got me in his pit trap rather speedily. I should learn from this, sometimes charging into the heart of battle is not the wisest of plans.

My Armor and Shield were finished, the finest polished steel with wrought iron adornments around choice locations to give it a lusty light/dark combination, tis quite attractive to the ladies I imagine.Full plate mail

As far as I can guess the local guard will swarm into the area that Devargo “the spider king” was running. At least now some peace can exist in Old Korvosa, or a part of OK.



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