Foibles and Follies

2 Sessions Combined

After recent events at the attempted execution of Trinia Sabor things quieted down for our heroes for a week and half. While taking care of shopping and other such errands they heard of a ship that had entered the north river with a single light dangling from it, it refused to answer to any hails and was subsequently sunk by the Korvosan Guard. The next day Donivan, Kell, and Timber were approached by Sergeant Grau of the Korvosan Guard on behalf of his sister-in-law Tayce Solado‘s daughter, Brienna. The girl was deathly ill and he hoped that they could help, he explained that they did not have enough money to heal the girl themselves. When they agreed to come and at least see if they could do anything he was overjoyed and led them down in to Trail’s End, where they lived. Upon arriving they met not only Tayce and her three children, but Ishani Dhatri as well. Ishani was there to help as much as he could with herbal remedies for free, since he was not allowed by church doctrines to simply cure the disease through divine aid without compensation. Kell offered the rest of the money needed for a cure, and quickly saw to the sick girl who had large red blotches all over her skin and was hacking and coughing quite a bit. After they managed to extract themselves from the profuse thanks, they returned to their inn where Zelara appeared before them and performed a very foreboding harrow reading. Two days later they got a message from Vencarlo Orisini asking them to come see him at his school. When Kell and Timber arrived they found Vencarlo with Trinia, and he asked them to escort her outside of the city to safety on behalf of his acquaintance Blackjack. The escort passed with no incident, but many questions from the inquisitive young bard.

A day later Timber woke up with similar red blotches and him and Kell decided to go to the local Temple of Abadar. When they arrived there was a rather large crowd outside the temple, and they had to force their way through. Many people in the crowd had splotches similar to timbers, and a few had openly weeping blisters on their face and other areas of exposed skin. Ishani met them inside and after curing Timber of the disease asked to be escorted to Citadel Volshyenek in order to help coordinate the temples actions against the plague with the Korvosan Guard. Upon arriving they saw a presentation of the new orders in Korvosa, [[Dr. Devalus]] and the Queens Physicians and the Gray Maidens. After explaining their purpose to the guard, and where they stand in relation to them rank wise, the presentation was dismissed and Ishani hurried to join up with Dr. Devalus and Cressida Kroft to work out the details and organization of the various groups combating the plague.

The next day Timber and Kell received a message from Cressida asking them to investigate a perfumery called Lavender where a woman named Vendra was selling what she claimed to be a cure. After waiting in line for a while and partially interrogating Vendra they purchased a dose of Lavenders Luxurient Liniment and Kell analyzed it back at their tavern rooms. When she found that it was nothing more than a mixture of cheap perfume, water, and sugar they went back to confront her about it. Although the initial confrontation was unsuccessful, with a man providing “proof” of being healed by the Liniment, they managed to convince the gaurd that it was fake and shut down the shop early the next day, marking the 6th day of the plague in Korvosa.

On the 7th, Zacharias had finally recovered enough to join the rest of the party, as well as Donivan snapping out of his temporary fugue, while Kell decided to rest for a bit after the excitement of the last week. While Donivan and Timber went out to pawn their treasure, Zacharias received a messenger asking them to check out an alley in the slummier area of Korvosa to see if bodies were being illegally dumped there. Timber, Zacharias and Donivan all headed that way to inspect the area, and they found a pile of bodies in a crooked alley backed up against a closed toy shop with a hole in the wall. While investigating they found some bite marks on some of the bodies, and Zacharias barely managed to shout a warning before a group of vampire spawn assaulted them. After killing and driving off the spawn, they searched for any other monsters lurking nearby and upon finding none, returned to the Gaurd with their report.

Alec, Sean, Carlin

Healing Brienna CR 3 265xp

Alec, Carlin

Navigate the Crowd without harming anyone CR 2 300xp
Escorting Trinia CR 2 300xp
Exposing Vendra CR 5 800xp

Alec, Sean, Matt

Vampire Spawn CR 8 1,600xp

Alec – 13955
Matt – 12060
Carlin – 10555
Sean – 6290

Current Harrow Points
2/2 for everyone

The Rise of a New Hero?

After chasing down Trinia Sabor and bringing her back to Citadel Volshyenek they were approached by Cressida Kroft about an urgent mission. Due to old hatreds between the roving clans outside Korvosa and the Korvosians, when a young and upcoming member of the tribal society gets killed and his body is sold to a local necromancer by the name of Rolth they are ready to go to war over it. Since Korvosa is currently weak this would be devestating, so the adventurers are enlisted to help. Timber, Zacharias, and Kell head to the Dead Warrens to find the missing body, adventuring in to some semi-hidden catacombs. As they delved deeper in to the tunnels they encountered numerous Derro, some undead abominations, a horribly deformed ogrekin, and finally another renegade wizard that seemed to be apprenticing to Rolth. On top of this they freed a few prisoners that were most likely soon to be experiments, and succeeded in thoroughly wrecking the lab, disrupting any operations that could take place there for some time. As they returned to the Citadel with the now dismembered corpse of the tribal warrior in tow they were quickly relieved of it and dragged to Castle Korvosa to see the public execution of Trinia Sabor. After hearing Queen Ileosa give a speech rallying Korvosans to her side and ordering the execution, it is stopped in the nick of time by Blackjack, a Korvosan hero and legend, who publicly denounces the queen. The executioner tried to follow through with his mission, and is interupted by Kells thrown rock, and more importantly Zacharias’s crossbow quarrel to the throat, dropping him. Blackjack gives a gracious nod and quickly makes his escape from the growing chaos, as the adventurers are swiftly led out by Cressida and her personal guard to ensure their safety. While it seems that the city has stabilized for now, things still look bleak for Korvosa. What will the adventurers do now?

CR4 Catching Trinia – 300xp

(Everyone But Sean)
CR5 6 Skeletons & Owlbear Skeleton – 800
CR 6 4 Derro – 800
CR 4 Otyugh – 400
CR 6 Derro and 6 Stirges – 800
CR 6 Lesser Necrophidius – 800
CR 4 Carrion Golem – 400
CR 3 Cabbagehead – 265
CR 6 Vreeg Derro Necromancer – 800

Alec – 10690
Matt – 10460
Carlin – 8900
Sean – 4625

Return to Eel's End

After Timber and Zacharias met up with their other compatriots and got some oh so important shopping done, they headed back down to Eel’s End. After stopping briefly to converse with the guards on the ships deck, timber proceeds to throw one of them overboard and they get in to a fight which has the additional effect of stampeding the rest of the patrons of Eel’s End off of the pier. After venturing below decks they come face to face with Devargo Barvasi once again. During the rather hectic fight that follows Timber gets dropped in to a lower level by a trap door, and has to fight Chittersnap, as well as his spider pets. Although Timber suffers a near death experience quick thinking on the part of Zacharias saves him and puts an end to the spiders below decks. While in Devargo’s throne room, in an interesting turn of events the Pseudodragon Majenko gets his revenge on his torturer, putting him to sleep so that the adventurers can easily finish him off. After reporting back to Citadel Volshyenek to report to Cressida Kroft on Devargo’s death they are told that the city seems to be returning to normalcy and they are that the gaurd has no need for their services for a short while. A week and a half later though things have changed drasticly for the worse. A rumor has begun floating around about who murdered the late king, leaked from Queen Ileosa herself. And a manhunt, that is steadily approaching riot proportions, has begun in search of Trinia Sabor, the former portraitist of the king. Cressida asks the adventurers to go in to the center of the building riot and bring her out of there and to the guards so she can be put in to protective custody and they can find out the truth of the matter. Agreeing, the adventurers head to the middle of the Midland District, and on to the rooftops. Unfortunatly she heard the adventurers coming and started sneaking out of the window and across the roof tops, getting a fair distance away before the adventurers gave chase. Will they catch her or not? We’ll find out next time.


Defeating 6 Gaurds on deck of ship – 600xp
Defeating Chittersnap, Ogre Spider, and 4 Dream Spiders – 600xp
Defeating Devargo, 3 flunkies, and 2 gaurds – 1600xp
Adventure Logs (Alec and Matt) – 100xp

Experience totals for Players

Alec – 5325
Matt – 5095
Sean – 4325
Carlin – 3535

Journal; Zacharias

Earlier today we had a battle with that sociopathic smuggler who kept a psuedodragon caged up so it could “bleed pretty” for him. Sometimes I wonder if I am doing the right and just thing by working with the city government here but at least today (and without the backing of the guard) I know I fulfilled Iomede’s will. It is nice and cleansing on the soul to have finally had a clear cut case of right and wrong. Sadly with my work all too often I seem to be surrounded by greys and it is my duty to sift through them. I am not a paladin to cut through it all with a swift sword and be utterly convinced of my righteousness. Alas the path of an Inquisitor involves much more questioning and seeking. While I know no Paladin that would agree with me I sometimes belive that is a harder test of one’s faith than facing an army of evil creatures.

Thankfully I was there today because Timber would have died if I had not gone jumping into the pit after him (I don’t know what convinced me to do that I suppose the will of the Lady). I like to think that is the case because it means She has bigger plans for Timber who seems to be trapped spiritually and have no real direction besides the ever fickle plans of finances. All I can do is pray for guidance I suppose. As for my other two companions I have barley spoken with them and not been approached by either so we shall see if they warm up in time. For now I am weary and I think Timber is yelling downstairs about how he single-handed slaughtered a pit of giant spiders, I think I shall go keep him honest for the night and let him start the tall tales on the morrow.

Deep thoughts with Jon Finder

Today, I have become a monster slayer. Defender of the weak and protector of the realm. The cold and rather blunt Zaccharias assisted me by getting me out of this… spider pit FILLED with creatures and even an “utter-crap”, probably named because the humanish spider-beast smelled like it’s name. I fell into this pit while we were fighting Devargo, he got me in his pit trap rather speedily. I should learn from this, sometimes charging into the heart of battle is not the wisest of plans.

My Armor and Shield were finished, the finest polished steel with wrought iron adornments around choice locations to give it a lusty light/dark combination, tis quite attractive to the ladies I imagine.Full plate mail

As far as I can guess the local guard will swarm into the area that Devargo “the spider king” was running. At least now some peace can exist in Old Korvosa, or a part of OK.

First visit to Eel's End

After getting information from Vencarlo Orisini, Timber and Zacharius were led to Eel’s End, a very disreputable dive run and policed by Devargo Barvasi. They were asked to meet with Devargo and acquire any evidence that would give them control over an uppity diplomat from Cheliax named Darvayne Gios Amprei. They spent a few hours trying to enter the building in disguises, and through persuasion before bribing their way in. Once in, they were led to Devargo’s “Throne Room” and were asked to participate in some entertainment for him. After a few rounds of Knivsies and a healthy bribe to Devargo himself, they were given a pair of letters that Devargo had been using to blackmail the ambassador, and ushered out. Upon returning to the Citadel with the letters they were paid a small bonus, and told that their time was their own for now.


Acquiring Blackmail for the ambassador – 800xp
Defeating 3 flunkies in games of knivsies – 800xp

Experience totals for Players

Alec – 2425
Matt – 2195
Sean – 1525
Carlin – 735

Shopping list

Jon “timber” Finder
(Already sought out) -Masterwork Fullplate and MW Tower shield, commissioned
(Seeking)MW Earthbreaker, MW Spear/Longsword/Axe (w/e)
(Seeking) Healing potions

Zacharias Frotermenn
(Seeking) MW Longsword
(Seeking) Healing Potions


Jon's Journal #2

Talk about a small job turning in some profit, judging by my records I have made about.. 1800 gold more than last month. I could buy a small house, indenture a “normal” farmstead, get a nice apartment in the upscale bit of town…….Or I commission a mastersmith to forge some agile-halfplate, with a matching steel towershield and matching masterwork longsword/Earthbreaker. Basically If I find a good smith, I can look like a warrior who can accomplish enough to match his equipment, sounds silly on paper but it means a lot when looking for work. Who do you trust with your gold, the guy with shoddy equipment, or matching armor and weapons all of which, are incredible quality?

Anyway as Zach and Don and me were leaving the fishery we met a half-orc who was wearing rather nice clothing, she was probably the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen but I wouldn’t let her features overwhelm my courtesy I felt like I had seen her before, I later realized she was the daughter of the Famous Fighting school owned by the Orisini’s. Her name was Kell and it seemed she had a similar harrow card, I asked if she would like to accompany us, for her safety, and we then briefly chatted about the city and circumstance. Her hesitant nature leads me to believe she is hiding something, or just really quiet. After walking awhile I noticed that a lot of the city was in turmoil, it seemed the king had died and all hell broke loose. I split off from the group to head to the rutting stoat and met up with them later at this upscale inn. Don’t know the name, don’t care, the guards looked serious though. Zach Don and I went in the back to split the details of our reward up. Good stuff.

We then met with Queen Ill-ee-o-sawh and gave her the brooch back, she was rude. Her Captain of the Guard escorted us to Volshyenek to meet with the famous Field Marshal, I’ve heard a bit about her, but only in passing, mostly rumors spilling forth from wine addled tavern-goers. We headed towards a wayward sergeants dwelling (to be honest I was too deep in wine to even remember what had happened, just politely stumbled forward) Seems that Zach convinced all of them to give up their ways or whatever, we stumbled, well I stumbled, em back to the citadel and we got another job because we were so damn good!

Riots, Queens and a Butchered Pig

As the adventurers started to leave The Old Fishery they ran in to a scholarly looking half-orc named Kell, the last member of their group, also holding one of the harrow cards. After inviting her to join their group, or at least accompany them so she’d have an escort they walked out in to the streets where signs of riots were steadily growing. They made their way first to Zelara‘s and then to The Flowering Blossom, a more high class inn. After staying there for the night they headed off to Castle Korvosa. After meeting with Queen Ileosa, and her bodygaurd Sabina Merrin they found themselves seconded to the guards and escorted to the nearby Citadel Volshyenek to meet with Field Marshal Cressida Kroft. There they were asked to bring in a wayward sergeant, Verik Vancaskerkin so that he can be interrogated as to why he deserted and took men with him, and then tried for his crimes. After stopping off at the Flowering Blossom to inquire about an apartment of their own, and then visiting Three Rings Tavern owned by Theandra Darklight to drop off some excess baggage, they headed towards Veriks base of operations, an old butchers shop called All the Worlds Meat. Once there they intimidated their way in to a meeting with Verik himself, during which one of his lackeys broke down and confessed to the four of them working as thugs for hire and cutting up the bodies to give away to the poor when they ran out of other meat. Angered, Verik rounded up the rest of the gaurds and had the adventurers march the four of them back to the Citadel to be put in to jail. Upon arriving Cressida was shocked by their efficiency and immediatly offered them another job and escorted them back to her office where they met Vencarlo Orisini, Kell’s adoptive father and began to discus what the job entailed.


Rioters – 400xp (Carlin, Alec, Sean)
Baldrago and Malder, Renegade guards – 400xp
Karralo and Parns, Renegade guards – 400xp
Verik Vancaskerkin, Renegade guard sergeant – 800xp
Bringing in Baldrago, Karralo, Parns, and Verik alive – 800xp
In Character log (Alec) – 100xp

Experience totals for Players

Alec – 1625
Matt – 1395
Sean – 1525
Carlin – 735

The Adventure Begins
Adventurers meet, and doors get broken in

Three of the four players, Zacharius, Donnivan, and Jon, met up this session, after receiving harrow cards with warnings on the back. They gathered at a small fortune telling shop owned by Zelara. She requested their hep with the retrieval of her heirloom Harrow Deck from a group of children pickpockets and their older taskmasters. After a little debate the three agreed to help her out and retired to The Rutting Stoat. After discussing how they should go about dealing with the band of thieves, they settled on kicking in the door the old fashioned way. When they arrived at The Old Fishery they proceeded to break down the front door and methodically move from room to room butchering the taskmasters and setting the children free. They then made their way down on to a small walkway below the building and in to the lair of the boss of the whole operation, and the man who stole Zelaras Harrow Deck, Gaedren Lamm. After Zacharius gave him a chance to surrender and turn himself in to the gaurds, Gaedren put up a very brief fight before falling. They found in his lair a bunch of valuable treasures, as well as Zelaras head in a hat box with her harrow deck near it, and a very valuable brooch belonging to Queen Ileosa. Our adventurers then made their way back up to the entrance, scouring the place for more treasure and enemies along the way and have reached the entrance back out to the street.

Gaedrenn – 600xp
Giggles – 600xp
Hookshanks Gruller – 600xp
Yargin Balko and Bloo – 535xp
For introductory in character logs – 50xp

Experience totals for Players

Alec – 795
Matt – 795
Sean – 795
Carlin – 0


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